Training 5-17-2016

Warm-up: Joint Mobility/Dynamic

KettleBell LP (Single Bell): Week 3/Third Phase

12 Minutes Set – Swing, Snatch, Clean or Long Cycle

+1, @, 3/3, x12

1st Number, Rep Count: 1 Reps Above your Desired Rep Count
2nd Number, KB Weight: Perform this at your Desired Bell Weight
3rd Number, Hand Switch: Every 3 Minutes
4th Number, Set Duration: 12 Minutes

*With the appropriate Bell weight and rep count you will perform a 12 Minute lifting set. You may use any of the lifts posted above but ideally you will choose one and stick with it the duration of your KBLP. In Week 3 you will switch hands every 3 minutes until the 12 minute mark. This will leave you with 6 Minutes of work time of each side at the end of the set today.

CLICK HERE – For Information on how to read and setup your Single Bell LP

Keep it Simple: Read the LP breakdown and if you still can’t figure out your goal rep count heres a chart to help you figure out a kickoff point for your Reps Per Minute (RPM)

100 Reps Goal: Lift 11 RPM today
110 Reps Goal: Lift 12 RPM today
120 Reps Goal: Lift 13 RPM today


5 Round

50 Foot Heavy Sled push
2 x 15 Foot Weighted Hoist
30 Second Ring Support

*The weighted hoist is completed by tossing a rope over a bar, branch, rafter, etc. Pretty find something to toss a rope attached to a weight to and raise and lower it. These are to be heavy efforts, if you have no access and have climbing rope you may sub rope climbs

Cool Down: 3-5 Minutes of light monostructural work (row,jog,bike,skip rope,etc)