Training 5-10-2017

Warm-up: Joint Mobility/Dynamic


1. Clean assistance work

Work up to a heavy effort in 4 sets of the following 1 x Clean Grip Deadlift, 1 x Floating Clean Pull, 1 x Hang Clean Pull

*Rest 60 seconds between efforts
*You may build each round if you choose to

2. 3-5 Rounds of the following

8 Single Arm DB Bench (4R/4L)
5 Deficit Double Kettlebell Pendlay Rows

*Rest 45-60 seconds after your Rows


DxKB Cleans 5/10/20 53/35
Airdyne Cals 10/20/40

*This goes 5/10/10/20/20/40 back and forth between the Cleans and the Airdyne

Cool Down: 3-5 Minutes of light monostructural work (row,jog,bike,skip rope,etc)