Training 11-13-2015

Warm-up: Joint Mobility/Dynamic


1.  Work up to 1 set of the following at no heavier then 85-90% of your working 1rm Deadlift

5 x Rack Pull with bar at Mid thigh

*In these effort you will perform a 3 second Pause on top of the rep and a 2 second count on the bottom of the rep

2. Every 60 for 7 Sets perform the following

1 x Strict T2B with most controlled Negative you can maintain, 6 x Kroc Row (3r/3L)

*If you are unable to perform a Strict T2B with a Negative return then perform the following while hanging from a bar. 3 x Hang Knee raise into a L-Sit Negative return. This may sound difficult but if your still working to get the trunk strength for the required T2B Negative you will find this a suitable sub



Deadlift 135/95

*5 Power Snatches at 135/95 at the end of each full round of the couplet, this includes 5 to bring the workout to a end

Cool Down: 3-5 Minutes of light monostructural work (row,jog,bike,skip rope,etc)

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