Training 1-30-2017

Warm-up: Joint Mobility/Dynamic


1. Double KettleBell Widow Makers

3 x 3-2-3

Widow Maker = 1 x Pushup, 1 x Row/R, 1 x Pushup, 1 x Row/L, 1 x DxKB Snatch, 1 x DxKB Front Squat

*Rest 60 seconds between Clusters and 10 seconds between sets during the Clusters
*The goal is not to build during these set but pick one difficult weight and get it done

2. Squats

85% x 5, 90% x 3, 95% x 1+

*Rest 120 seconds between sets between efforts
*This is week 2 of a loading phase design to exceed our usually sub maximal approach to consistent lifting. The program itself is based of Wendlers 5/3/1 program. The difference here is the intensity Max efforts sets designated with a “+” after the last set.
*Be sure to still take your percentages off of your WORKING 1rm for this phase of training. That means apply the above sets to 90% of your Max lift.


Row 500 Meters
40 Air Squats
30 SitUps
20 PushUps
10 PullUps

*Max Effort

Cool Down: 3-5 Minutes of light monostructural work (row,jog,bike,skip rope,etc)