Training 1-27-2016

Warm-up: Joint Mobility/Dynamic


1. 5 Minute Running Clock

Every 15 Seconds for 5 Minutes perform 1 x Power Clean @ 185-225/115-155

*Ideally your lift today will fall between the posted weights. If the minimum proves to be to heavy for you choose a weight that will allow for power crisp reps

2. 3-5 Rounds of the following

5-7 Reps Weighted Pushup
Max Rep Strict PullUps

*Rest No More then 90 seconds between efforts
*You may build round to round on Weighted Pushups
*Your 3-5 round effort choice should be based on what the quality of your pullups looks like in round 3


Every 90 Seconds for 6 Rounds perform the following

6 Heavy H2H Kettlebell Swings
6 Deck Squat to Jumping Ball Slam
30 Second HS Hold

*Perform the Deck Squat to jumping ball slam in the following manner. Start with a slam ball in front of you, roll back perform a deck squat, when you come to the bottom of your landing ideally the slam ball is between your feet and you will pick it up while you jump into air and then slam the ball into the ground
*If at any time you miss a round start you next 90 second window at your H2HSwings

Cool Down: 3-5 Minutes of light monostructural work (row,jog,bike,skip rope,etc)

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