KettleBell Linear Progression: Single Bell

Your first Trip through the LP will be at 2 Bell sizes under you desired lifting weight.

Week 1: +3, 1/1, x10

Week 2: +2, 2/2, x12

Week 3: +1, 3/3, x12

Week 4:  Test Set

Reading the Single Bell KettleBell LP

First Number: The first listed number in the KBLP comes in the form of +3, 2 or 1. This signifies the amount of desired Rep you wish to hit in the 1 Minute Effort.

Example: Desired Rep Range = 12 Reps Per Minute, for Week 1 lift at 15 RPMs

Second Number: The second listed number in the KBLP comes in the form of 1/1, 2/2 or 3/3. This signifies the time Spent on each arm, you will alternate back and forth on these efforts

Example: Week 3 calls for a 3/3 Split = 3 Minutes Right Arm, 3 Minutes Left Arm, 3 Minutes Right Arm, 3 Minutes Left Arm

Third Number: The third listed number in the KBLP comes in the form of 10 or 12. This signifies the length of your work set for the day.

Example: Your First Week is x10 Minutes and consists of ten 1 Minute Intervals and your Third Week is x12 minutes and consists of four 3 minute Intervals.

Test Set: This is a Ten Minute Time Domain set, ideally you will split your work load 5/5 between your arms without setting the bell down to the ground at anytime. If this does happen Rest 30 seconds before continuing on that arm or simply Switch sides. You will only be allowed ONE switch in the set and it will be again ideally be performed without any sets downs.

Setting up your KettleBell LP

The program listed above is a linear pattern that you may apply to your Kettlebell lifting. This progression can easliy be applied with new and advanced athletes and is an excellent source for building a solid base of strength and stamina. In the single Bell version of our KettleBell LP you will choose a number to apply to your lifting. This number can change based on movement complexity and weight but gives you basic guidelines below in picking a lift and setting a base number.

Single Arm Lifts: Choose from one of the lifts listed below for your 4 week training Block. Whichever lift you choose will be your applied movement for the the entire duration of the 4 weeks. In choosing a lift take bell sizes available and goals into account. Are you looking to get in some heavy volume swinging? Looking to improve reps on a Snatch set? Or are simply looking for the challenge of the Clean and Jerk for conditioning or sport reasons? You will ideally need two bell sizes below your goal lift weight so take that into your decision as well.

Single Arm Russian Swing



Long Cycle: Clean and Jerk (or any other version of overhead movement including Press or Push Press if you desire)

Weight Range: This is entirely up to you but be sure to be choosing a weight that will challenge you but also allow you to meet and eventually exceed your goals. For a beginning lifter the goal should to become confident with 24kg/16kg (53/35) in any of the above lifts. If you believe you could easily apply that weight to any of these lifts for this progression then feel free to up your weight and get to training.

Rep Range: The rep range is where you really need to asses your goals. The range in this can greatly vary from lift to weight used, so lets give a simple guideline. Ideally you’re going to be able to end this progression hitting somewhere between 100-150 Reps split between your arms in a 10 Minute Set. Choose a target rep range from that and apply it to your KBLP. If this seems incredibly difficult to you, choose a weight or lift that will allow you to meet the goal. If this seems very doable then you know the answer, add more weight or Reps and get to training.