KettleBell Linear Progression: Double Bell

The following outlines the Double Bell KBLP in a 9 Week Progression. This Progression focuses on 10 Minutes of alternating 1 minute of work to 1 minute of rest. A full example is posted at the bottom.

Week 1: 5 x Complex 7, 7, 6

Week 2: 5 x Complex 6, 8, 6

Week 3: 5 x Complex 5, 9, 6

Week 4: 5 x Complex 4, 10, 6

Week 5: 5 x Complex 3, 10, 7

Week 6: 5 x Complex 2, 10, 8

Week 7: 5 x Complex 1, 10, 9

Week 8: 5 x Complex 10, 10

Week 9: TEST 5 x 12-18 Rep Cap

Reading the Double Bell LP

Complexes: The Double Bell KBLP consists of completing 5 Complexes that begin with your Lowest Complexity Movement and builds to your Highest. As the weeks progress reps will shift and eventually your Highest Complexity Movement will be the stand alone movement.

First Number: Lowest Level Complexity Movement

Second Number: Mid Level Complexity Movement

Third Number: Highest Level Complexity Movement

Below we have listed a number of movements that could be tied into your LP. It is up to you to choose which moments fall into complexity category. It is usually always best to start with a Deadlift, Swing, Dead Clean or Clean. It becomes easier to construct your Complex once you have gotten the bells moving in what could be considered their most base position.

Double Bell Examples

Deadlift, Swing, Dead Clean, Clean, Front Squat, Thruster, Press, Push Press, Jerk, Long Cycle

Test Set: The final week of the KBLP allows you to test your capacity of your Highest Level movement. The goal is to clear between 12-18 Reps per set in the Test set. The lower number is simply listed as a goal. A number of the movements that may be deemed at the height level of complexity are time consuming. Don’t compromise your Range of motion on movements just to hit reps. See where your rep count takes you in your Minute and look to improve reps or movement complexity from you results.

Look below for a potential example of week 1

Complete 5 Rounds of the following KettleBell complex working 60 seconds on 60 seconds off. Your 60 second window never changes. If you complete your complex early you bank additional time to rest heading into your actual rest period.

1 Round consists of the following Complex

7 x Double KettleBell Swing
7 x Double KettleBell Clean
6 x Double KettleBell Long Cycle

If you fail to complete your given complex in two rounds and have any remaining, lower one bell weight. If you do take two or more failure rounds consider dropping a bell size in your next week’s efforts. The complexes do not need to be completed Unbroken but ideally this is the outcome of your training so take that into account as well how little time 60 seconds really is in choosing your bell sizes.