General Questions

Am I a High Output Athlete and is this program right for me?

The demands of sport and life can easily be viewed in the same light. At CrossFit KettleBell our goal is to have you prepared for both at all times. We view “high output athletes” as anyone who needs to be able to display athleticism at anytime be it through sports, your job or real life situations. Building a strong base of durability and volume resistance is key in being able to match the needs of these situations. Here at CFKB we build and prepare these athletes.

Do I only lift KettleBells in this program?

No, CrossFit KettleBell uses a wide variety of movements and equipment in our training. We do have two designed Kettlebell days in the program that appear Tuesdays and Thursdays though. On these days the KettleBell isn’t just making an appearance in a training session, it is the training session.

5 Days on?

The CFKB program is unique in the fact that our training program is structured 5 days on Monday through Friday. This training split of 5 on, 2 off has been used by Jeff for years. He found that this applies best to the real world demands he puts on himself and the athletes he works with. Our program is based off those years of experience.

Do I have to always go 5 days on?

The answer to that is easy: No. And in fact we don’t recommend a constant 5 day training split. Our program has optional “Shift Days” written into it to allow for flexibility.

What is a Shift Day?

Shift Days are programmed every Saturday. This does not mean you should be training 6 days a week. Shift Days are posted to allow you to take an additional rest day during the week and have a different training stimulus available to you on your 5th day of training instead of simply “making up” the day you missed.

At CFKB we encourage you to take 2 Shift Days per month. As we base our regular Tuesday and Thursday KettleBell work off our KBLP we do not recommend replacing those days as you want to continue to see advancement in these areas.

What is the KBLP

This is our KettleBell Linear Progression. There are two styles written, one dealing with Single Bell lifting and the other dealing with Double Bell lifting. These progression are user friendly and can be applied to both novice and advance level lifters.

What does “Joint Mobility/Dynamic” in the warmup section stand for? 

A proper warm-up is critical for optimum performance, and it becomes more important as we age. It is an absolutely essential part of our daily routine to improve performance and reduce the chance of injury. A proper warmup should meet the following criteria.

  • Increase body temperature and heart rate
  • Provide some stretching
  • Stimulate the entire body and major biomechanical functions
  • Provide practice for basic movements
  • Prepare for the rigors of athletic training

Hit these criteria prior to your training and you’re gold. We’ll also be sharing some of our favorite warmup in videos later on.

What does 3-5 mean when it appears?

This means pick 3-5 reps or sets of the posted movements. Our goal is to be able to lift as heavy as often and as fresh as we can with CFKB. When 3-5 is posted it is allowing you to lift by feel. Many times in our program you will be given different rep options. Lift to your level of fatigue for that day.

If you’re feeling the volume of training then go lighter for more reps and work your positioning. If you’re feeling strong and prepare for a heavy session then go for fewer reps at a heavier load. This again allows you to stay fresh and seeing continued gains that will not hinder your recovery while performing a 5 day on training week.

What is a “working 1rm”?

This is your working 1 Rep Max. This is 90% of your actual Max in the given lift. When a number is a percentage off of your “working 1rm” that 90% number is what you work from.

When there is a two part strength posted with a 1. and 2. what does this mean?

This means to complete 1. first and then 2. second after the first part.

What if I can’t do a Weighted Pullup or another posted movement?

If you find yourself challenged by the training that is good. Growth comes from challenge and you should always be growing as an athlete. If you are unable to complete a weighted pullup then do an unweighted one. If you can’t do one of those work a pullup progression. The same goes for all posted movements. Can’t perform Handstand Pushups, then do seated Dumbbell presses. Don’t have muscleups yet, hit your ring work and dips. All of these movements have regressions for progression. Just stay the course and round your game out.

Our comment section and social media pages are also excellent sources of help. There is always an answer with a small amount of search. Feel free to tap the resources we have made available to you.