CrossFit Kettlebell provides workouts and training information for the demands of High Output Athletes.

Many sports and jobs require you to perform at your best on your worst day. CrossFit Kettlebell addresses that reality by providing a training program to develop, maintain and improve an athlete’s output potential. A five day a week program designed around simple strength progressions, explosive rotational power drills and metabolic training is laced with a foundation of kettlebell training established by Jeff Martone and posted daily.

Whether you’re training for sport, work or general athletic performance, you need a solid base of strength and stamina. We build that through repeated exposure to movement patterns that find athletes pushing, pulling, hinging and performing loaded carries in their training.

The CrossFit Kettlebell style of programming meets the needs of beginning to advanced level athletes and professionals who need to be prepared to meet high levels of demands at any and all times. And that training program is posted daily on this site.

Read the full content of our FAQ section to prepare yourself and answers question you may have to get started.